Copper Stone Sea will help you tell your story better

We are a creative agency that brings cutting edge design to your team, particularly in the emerging field of narrative design.

From full design services, to consultancy, workshops, and public speaking, we bring you insights into digital entertainment based on over 15 years of video game and media industry experience.

We operate wherever you are. Online or face-to-face, we will give you the support and knowledge you need.

About us

We provide:

We help you get the most from the range of storytelling techniques available to writers and developers.

We are run by Dr. Mata Haggis-Burridge (nee Haggis), an award winning game designer and writer with experience of both AAA and indie development. He is the Professor of Creative and Entertainment Games at Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly known as NHTV), and has spoken regarding game design, diversity, and narrative design at numerous international events, including TEDx and multiple GDC conferences.

We are also working on an original IP. Following on from our experience with crafting experiences that engage and excite, we will be bringing a new story to life for computers and consoles. More details will be announced when the game is further in development!

Narrative design

Copper Stone Sea helps your team become inspired and skilled storytellers… Or can do the whole task for you!

We can do the full narrative design for your game, give drop-in consultancy sessions, or build your in-house skills with workshops.

Find out more about our narrative design services.

Game design troubleshooting

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is what you need. Copper Stone Sea can provide this to help your game get back on track.

Dr. Mata Haggis-Burridge has extensive experience mentoring designers to help them target their chosen experience.

Alongside Mata, Copper Stone Sea is affiliated with designers from many of the biggest games franchises from the last three decades and can draw on these people for individual consultancy sessions or for studio visits to find the perfect steps to make your game fulfil its potential.

Whether it is mechanics, balancing, interface design, or any other place in your game’s design, Copper Stone Sea can help. Contact us!


Copper Stone Sea also has extensive experience in speaking at conferences, festivals, and private events.

Do you want to get a big picture view of game culture? Or changing trends in VR, AR, ARGs, or transmedia? We can come to your company or event to give an inspiration booster session to your team.

Find out about our inspiration booster sessions here.

If you need a talk about the digital entertainment industry then we would be happy to find an angle that creates a memorable and riveting session for your audience.

Click here to find out more about our public speaking and games culture interviews.


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